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My Photography
and Creative Art.

I have been a professional horsephotographer since 1999. It was a true passion for horses of different breeds and sports that made me want to take the best photos for the different uses.

After doing articles for a Western Lifestyle Magazine and capturing horses in most possible sports all these years I have decided to make a “Stock Photo” site and offer the best photos for purchase as prints, digital download or for commercial use.

If you need a specific photo that you cannot find here, let me know – I may have it ready for your use.

Beside photography I also make art, horse related (of course) but also abstract art. They are also sold via this site. 🙂

Never stop creating!

ANNE SVENSSON – Photographer & Art creator

SFF video Anne

A film about me

Anne Svensson (ErkkilÀ until 2010)

SFF, the Swedish Association of Professional Photographers did a short documentary film about me 2006.

Buy unique art directly from Anne.
Use my photos on your projects or buy a print of your choice.
Project Ideas
If you cannot find what you look for here I still may have it - never hesitate to contact me.
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